Getting the measure of the crest of a wave| Brief letters

Re your article about the Australian woman, Laura Enever, breaking the record for the biggest paddle-in wave ever surfed (Sport, 8 November), while I applaud her great achievement, I think some credit should be given to the poor soul standing in the midst of this huge wave holding a tape measure.
Catherine Waterson
Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

To the Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph, Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer and, last but not least, Suella Braverman; thanks for helping to swell the vast number of people who turned out on Saturday to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
Peter Nicklin
Newcastle upon Tyne

BT’s tech chief has compared workers whose jobs are threatened by AI to horses being replaced by the car (Report, 9 November). Horses may not have complained, but their owners certainly did. As early as 1897, the Derby Mercury reported that the drivers of horse-drawn cabs feared they “might as well pass resolutions against the incoming tide”.
Don Chapman
Eynsham, Oxfordshire

I imagine that more than a few crossing sweepers were quite upset.
Alex Richardson
Potton, Bedfordshire

Best whoop of the morning reading your Pass Notes (7 November) about the mutual genuine curiosity between partners. I can’t work up a flicker of interest when my husband remarks on a man kicking a ball across a field, nor he when I bang on about my borderline obsession with recycling. To be fair though, we have only been together 40 years.
Joy Ennis
Wall Heath, West Midlands

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